We see ourselves as an innovative, long term alternative to the private equity investment model.

Small and medium-sized, owner-managed businesses are faced with the necessity of growth in the context of the challenges of a globalised world. This often occurs when these businesses are faced with the inevitable transition to the next generation. The private equity model is only appropriate for these companies to a degree - On the one hand, private equity plays have a short-term holding period due to their philosophy. On the other hand, private equity mangers may lack the patience, experience and flair for dealing with the unique issues facing small and medium-sized companies.

In contrast to this, we have chosen a long-term, confidence-building but value-driven approach. We have an understanding of international growth options and their relevance for owners/operators when growing their business. We also have entrepreneurial investors and experienced managers with experience in the development, positioning and globalalisation of brands and businesses.

This means we can guarantee that the businesses in which we invest can exploit the growth and value potential that they have not yet identified and exploited and can become "hidden champions" over the years on the strength of their products. It is only this that can make them successful in a globalised world, now and in the next generation. Accordingly, we provide existing company owners with an enduring and sustainable future for themselves and their business.

With our buy-in into entrepreneurial risk, we take responsibility and actively promote the business towards success in an outcome focused way. The focus on long term achievements and consistent adherence to our inherent value principles are critical elements of our value proposition.

For us independence, respect and professionalism are essential for us to deliver in accordance with our convictions.